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The Breathtaking Beauty of Nature, Through Ponies

An epic nature film, bringing a little bit of Equestria down to Earth

700 Miles Hiked.... 300 More to Go!

All in the name of Equestria Daily's "Ponies Around the World" event

Over the past four years, we've been hiking and backpacking all over the west coast of North America, from California to the Canadian Rockies, filming and photographing the ponies along every journey.

In the last five years, I've brought the ponies hiking on more than 600 miles across rugged mountains, deserts, glaciers, canyonlands, ancient forests, lakes, volcanoes, rivers, lava, and rugged coastlines. In the next two years, the goal is to exceed 1,000 miles total.

Click on the infographic to the left to view a 3D Interactive map of every trail hiked and every photo taken!

View a spreadsheet of all the hikes and locations.

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What's it all About?

One of the film's major goals is to reveal the awestruck beauty of our planet through ponies. The other is for the adventure and challenge of bringing the ponies along for the ride.

The film will feature HD and 4K video, timelapse, and cinematic footage with one or more My Little Pony figurines; but in particular, Fluttershy's (or Flutterbat's) journey will be the main focus. She's a huge nature lover, after all!

This entire concept is based on the annual event, "Ponies Around the World," by the MLP:FiM news website, Equestria Daily.

Starring Various Pony Plushies and Pony Figures.

Most plushes are hand-made by various artists in the MLP community! 

Milky Way over Robin Lakes

Milky Way over Robin Lakes

Sunset over Robin Lakes

Sunset over Robin Lakes

•     6" Kitten-sized Flutterbat*

       made by LanaCraft

•     16" Flutterbat

       made by LilMoon

•     17" Flutterbat*

       made by P0w3rPorco

•     40" Fluttershy

      made by Agatrix

•     45" Fluttershy

      made by qtpony

        *Most commonly brought plushies.

•     12" Rainbow Dash

       by 4th Dimension Inc.

•     12" Twilight Sparkle

       by 4th Dimension Inc.

•     12" Applejack 

       by 4th Dimension Inc.

•     12" Fluttershy

      by 4th Dimension Inc.

•     12" Pinkie Pie

       by 4th Dimension Inc.

Interested in Following Our Journey?

Watch the behind-the-scenes nature series, Wild Equestria, on YouTube!

Wild Equestria aims to bring to life a handful of these beautiful hikes. Editing is simple, and the videos are bite-sized.

Made to give better context for some of my ponies-around-the-world photography and some of the scenes from the film. Sometimes, I only film the ponies at just one spot, but the whole hike can be just as wonderful! In this series, I hope to share the unique beauty of each place with you in 3-10 minute episodes.

You can also keep up to date on our travels and filming below:

     Instagram (PATW photos)



     Hiking Log and Charts (always 1st to receive updates)

     Interactive Map (Updated regularly)

     Blog on MLP Forums (trip reports)

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